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Fig. 4

From: Black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) is a non-estrogenic alternative to hormone replacement therapy

Fig. 4

Effects of E2 and CR BNO 1055 (12 weeks p.o.) in ovx rats on (a) uterine weight and (b) gene expression of IGF-1 in uterus. Uterine weights (a) and insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF1) gene expression (b) of ovx rats were significantly stimulated by E2. The stimulatory effect of E2 on uterine weights is partially mediated by E2-stimulated insulin like growth factor gene (IGF 1) (*p < 0.05 vs Control and vs. CR 100). CR: Cimicifuga racemosa; E: Estradiol; IGF: insulin like growth factor; ovx: ovariectomised

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