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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

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Fig. 2

From: Vitex agnus-castus dry extract BNO 1095 (Agnucaston®) inhibits uterine hyper-contractions and inflammation in experimental models for primary dysmenorrhea

Fig. 2

Concentration-dependent inhibition of drug-induced contraction by BNO 1095 on rat uterine strips. Relaxation of a 0.5 nM (0.5 ng/ml) oxytocin-, b 1 μM (354.5 ng/ml) PGF-or c 50 nM (54.2 ng/ml) vasopressin-induced contractions of isolated rat uterus specimens. Up to 0.5 % ethanol was present in the vehicle control. Data are given as means ± SEM, n = 3

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