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Fig. 5

From: Gastrothylax crumenifer: Ultrastructure and histopathology study of in vitro trematodicidal action of Marattia fraxinea (Sm.)

Fig. 5

Gross morphological changes of Standard and treated Gastrothylax crumenifer. Stereo Zoom Microscope study of G.crumenifer for morphological changes under incubation for 1 h. (a-d Standard Control) (a) Whole view of G. crumenifer showing shrinkage of teguments, degenerative changes of Oral sucker (Os). b Disruption of Oral sucker (Os). c Degenerative changes of Oral sucker (Os). d Degenerative changes of Testes (T), Oral sucker (Os) and Acetabulum (Ac). (e-h: Test Group) (e) Degeneration of Acetabulum (Ac) and Testes (Td) at 5 mg/ml conc (f) Deformity of Oral sucker (Os), acetabulum and degenerative changes in Right Testes (RT), Left Testes (LT) and Uterus (U) at 5 mg/ml conc (g) Severe degenerative changes of Right Testes (RT) at 5 mg/ml conc (h) Severe degenerative changes of Vitelline gland, ruptured ovary exposing ova (O) at 5 mg/ml conc.

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