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Fig. 1

From: Improved micropropagation of Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst. (Plantaginaceae) and antimicrobial activity of in vitro and ex vitro raised plants against multidrug-resistant clinical isolates of urinary tract infecting (UTI) and respiratory tract infecting (RTI) bacteria

Fig. 1

Different stages of micropropagation of Bacopa monnieri. a Induction of shoot buds from the cut edges of leaf after 8 days of inoculation in medium containing 0.5 mg/L KIN. b Shoot buds induced in medium containing 1.5 mg/L BAP after 12 days of inoculation. c & d Shoot buds start to elongate in medium containing 1.5 mg/L BAP and 2.0 mM spermidine after 21 days of inoculation. e Elongated shoots after 42 days of inoculation. f Plants grown in half strength MS medium without any PGR. g A complete plantlets with well developed root system ready for field transfer. h Tissue culture derived ex vitro field grown micropropagated plants

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