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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 3 FTIR spectral peak values and functional groups obtained for ethanol leaf and bark extracts of A. officinalis

From: Pharmacological activities of leaf and bark extracts of a medicinal mangrove plant Avicennia officinalis L.

Wave number (cm− 1) Assigned functional group
539 torsion and ring torsion of phenyl
600-900 -CH out of plane bending vibrations
1053 C-OH
1233, 1239, 1323, 1338, 1377 C-O stretching vibrations
1401 –OH bending vibrations
1630 =C–H stretching vibrations
1697, 1728 –C=O stretching vibrations
2867, 2941, 2944 Asymmetric –CH2–, symmetric –CH3 and –CH2– stretching vibrations
3455, 3516 Stretching vibration of bonded and non-bonded –O–H groups