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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

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Table 1 Phytochemical constituents identified in the methanol and petroleum ether extracts of C. renigera seed extracts

From: Evaluation of bioactivities of methanol and petroleum ether extracts of Cassia renigera seed

Phytochemicals Name of the test Observed changes Result
Alkaloids Mayer’s test Creamy white precipitate +
Hager’s test Yellow crystalline precipitate ++ +
Wagner’s test Brown or deep brown precipitate +
Dragendorff’s test Orange or orange-red precipitate +
Carbohydrates Molisch’s test (General test for Carbohydrates) A red or reddish violet ring is formed at the junction of two layers and on shaking a dark purple solution is formed ++ +/−
Barfoed’s test (General test for Monosaccharides) Red precipitate
Fehling’s test(for reducing sugar) A red or brick-red precipitate + +
Test for combined Reducing Sugar A brick-red precipitate + +/−
Glycosides General test Yellow color +
Test for Glucoside Production of brick-red precipitation (carried out with the hydrolyzed extract) +
Flavonoids General test Red color + +
Saponins Frothing test Formation of stable foam + +
Steroids Libermann-Burchard’s test Greenish color +
Tannins Lead acetate test A yellow or red precipitate + +
  1. [++ = Strong presence, + = Presence, − = Absence, +/− = Presence/Absence not confirmed]; CRSM = Cassia renigera seed methanol extract, CRSP = Cassia renigera seed petroleum ether extract