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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 4 Indication groups

From: A non-interventional, prospective, multicenter study for evaluation of the use of the herbal medicinal product Canephron® N in the pediatric outpatient population in Russia

MedDRA System Organ Class Indication Group MedDRA Lowest Level Term
Infections and infestations Urinary tract infections Urinary tract infection
  Pyelonephritis Pyelonephritis
   Pyelonephritis acute
   Pyelonephritis chronic
  Cystitis Cystitis
   Cystitis hemorrhagic
Renal and urinary disorders Dysmetabolic nephropathy / crystalluria Crystalluria
  Urolithiasis Calculus urinary
  Nephritis Glomerulonephritis
   Glomerulonephritis acute
   Glomerulonephritis chronic
   Tubulointerstitial nephritis
  1. Lowest Level Term (LLT) selection for different types of dysmetabolic nephropathy (including the terms: dysmetabolic nephropathy, metabolic nephropathy, crystalluria) was performed according to Project specific coding guidelines:
  2. 1) calcium type - LLT “Hypercalciuria”
  3. 2) oxalate type - LLT “Hyperoxaluria”
  4. 3) oxalate-calcium type: 1. LLT “Hyperoxaluria”; 2. LLT “Hypercalciuria”
  5. 4) urate type - LLT “Hyperuricosuria”
  6. 5) phosphate type - LLT “Hyperphosphaturia”
  7. 6) unknown type - LLT “Crystalluria”