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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 1 Observation and results of phytochemical screening

From: In vivo and in vitro pharmacological activities of Tacca integrifolia rhizome and investigation of possible lead compounds against breast cancer through in silico approaches

Secondary metaboliteName of the testObservationResult
Alkaloids1. Mayer’s testWhite or creamy white precipitate+++
2. Hager’s testYellow crystalline precipitate+++
3. Wagner’s testBrown or deep brown precipitate+++
GlycosidesGeneral testNo yellow color
Cardiac glycosides1. Legal’s testNo pink or red color
2. Baljet’s testNo yellow orange color
PhenolicsFeCl3 testViolet color+++
TerpenoidsSalkowsky testReddish color+++
Carbohydrates1. Molisch TestRed-violet layer at the interface between the acid (bottom) and aqueous (upper) layers+++
2. Fehling’s TestRed precipitate+++
Flavonoids1. General testA yellow colouration+++
2. Specific testOrange to red color+++
SteroidsLibermann-Burchard’s testGreenish color+++
TanninsFeCl3 testNo brownish green color
SaponinsFrothing testChange is observed+++
PhlobataninsGeneral testNo Red precipitate formation
  1. N.B. “+++” stands for the presence and “--” indicates the absence of secondary metabolites