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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 6 Pass prediction of betulinic acid, catsanogenin, quercetin-3-α-arabinoside, chantrieroside A, taccasuboside D, n-triacontanol, taccabulin A, taccalonolide AA, taccalonolide AB, taccalonolide Z for antineoplastic (breast cancer) and antinociceptive activity

From: In vivo and in vitro pharmacological activities of Tacca integrifolia rhizome and investigation of possible lead compounds against breast cancer through in silico approaches

CompoundsPass prediction of antineoplastic (breast cancer) activityPass prediction of antinociceptive activity
Betulinic acid0.7230.0050.7680.002
Chantrieroside A0.5590.0140.4450.075
Taccasuboside D0.3890.0330.5910.009
Taccabulin A0.3490.0420.4130.099
Taccalonolide AA0.4080.030
Taccalonolide AB0.4750.022
Taccalonolide Z0.4750.024