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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 1 Ethnomedicinal uses of L. stoechas in some Mediterranean countries

From: A Phytopharmacological review of a Mediterranean plant: Lavandula stoechas L

CountriesLocal names (ethnic)Plant parts usedTraditional usesPreparation formReferences
AlgeriaHalhalAerial partAnalgesic
GreeceNI*LeavesAnti-diabetes, menstrual pains, kidney stones, carbuncles, otitis and hyper-tension.Infusion and essential oils[78].
IranOssoghodusLeavesAnticonvulsant, Sedative
MoroccoHalhalAerial partRheumatism, system digestive, cystitis and nephritisDecoction[25]
PakistanUstu khuddoosAerial partEpilepsy and migraineDecoction[32]
PortugalRosmaninhoAerial partFor heart-burn, for sea-sickness, blood circulation andsedativeInfusion[16, 63]
SpainCantueso, cap díase, bofarullFlowered aerial partAs herbal tea and for making liqueurInfusion[84].
TurkishKarabaşFlowering branchesExpectorant, menstrual regulari, antispasmodic and carminativeInfusion[67, 84]
  1. *NI: Not Indicated