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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 4 Bioactive components identified in fraction 4 of methanol root extract of S. occidentalis by GC-MS

From: Molecular identification of Trypanosoma brucei brucei and in vitro anti-trypanosomal activity of different parts of methanolic extract of Senna occidentalis

S/NOCompoundRetention timePeak area (%)
1Bicyclo {3.3.1} nonan-2-one26.3211.69
2Camphor-10-sulfonic acid29.5913.96
4Fumaric acid29.8414.01
5Di (cyclohex-3-enyl methyl) ester24.4184.01
6Glutaric acid29.9422.04
7Cyclo hex-3-enyl) methyl cyclohexyl methyl ester iso sativene29.9422.04
8Tricyclo { (3,8)} undecan-1-amine35.7483.66
9Cyclo hex-3-enyl methyl hexyl ester34.3567.28
10Cyclo hex-3-enyl methyl decyl ester30.4762.31
12Cyclo hex-3-enyl methyl heptyl ester34.2592.73
13Glycidyl palmitate31.8503.75
14N-(3-trifluoro methyl benzyl)-2-(4-methyl-4H-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl thio)-octa decanedioic acid31.8503.75
15Cyclo hex-3-enyl methyl ester30.1951.20
16Di (cyclo hex-3-enyl methyl) ester33.7332.97
178-azabicyclo {3.2.1} octan-3-ol34.0923.26
188-azabicyclo {3.2.1} octan-3,6-diol34.0923.26
1910-chloro-2-methyl-2-azatricyclo { (3,8)} decane34.09217.55