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Fig. 1

From: Protective effect of Antigonon leptopus (Hook et. Arn) in cadmium induced hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity in rats

Fig. 1

Histopathological changes in hepatic tissue of rats. Done by Digital Motic Microscope Magnification 100X. a A control liver with normal architecture. b Rats treated with cadmium alone, with focal necrosis, vacuolated cytoplasm, centrilobular necrosis, sinusoidal dilatations, hepatocytic vacuolation and inflammatory cell infiltration of hepatocytes. c And e Rats treated with Standard and ALME 200 mg/kg, along with cadmium exhibited normal liver architecture. d Rats treated with ALME 100 mg/kg and cadmium exhibited mild focal necrosis and minimal damage. f Rats treated with ALME 400 mg/kg and cadmium maintained the hepatic architecture, more or less like normal

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