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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 1 Total phenolic content, total flavonoid content, antioxidant, and α-amylase inhibitory activity of various soluble fractions of the crude extract of N.cadamba

From: Antidiabetic activity of Neolamarckia cadamba (Roxb.) Bosser flower extract in alloxan-induced diabetic rats

Samples/ StandardsTotal phenolic content (mg of GAE/g of dried extract)Total flavonoid content (mg of QE/g of dried extract)Antioxidant activity IC50 (μg/ml)α-amylase inhibition IC50 (μg/ml)
MESF228.16 ± 0.3219.33 ± 0.6630.52 ± 2.406.26 ± 0.82
CSF60.45 ± 0.29291 ± 5.99147.51 ± 0.556.50 ± 0.63
VS (std.) 
ASC (std.) 16.97 ± 0.41
ABS (std.)5.80 ± 0.77
  1. MESF methanol extract soluble fraction, CSF chloroform soluble fraction, VS vincristine sulfate, ASC ascorbic acid, GAE gallic acid equivalent, QE quercetin equivalent, ABS acarbose, SEM standard error of mean, Std Standard