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Fig. 2

From: Antioxidant and in vivo hepatoprotective effects of Gardenia gummifera L.f. fruit methanol extract

Fig. 2

Effect of GFME on enzyme SGOT, SGPT, ALP levels in blood serum of CCl4 induced hepatotoxicity. Values are mean ±S.E.M. symbol represent statistical significance; *#p<0.02, **##p<0.001 and ***###p<0.0001.* indicates the comparison of G- 1 with G-3, G- 4, G-5; # indicates the comparison of G- 2 with G-3, G- 4, G-5.SGOT- Serum glutamyl oxaloacetate transaminase, SGPT- Serum glutamyl pyruvate transaminase, ALP-Alkaline phosphatase. G1- normal control, G2-negative control, G3- standard, G4- GFME (200mg), G5- GFME (400mg)

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