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Fig. 1.

From: Ameliorative effect of Psidium guajava (l.) leaf aqueous extract on aluminium nitrate-induced liver damage in female Wistar rats

Fig. 1.

a-e (400X): Photomicrograph of Liver. CV- Central vein, H- Hepatocyte, HA- hepatic artery, HV- Hepatic vein, BD- bile duct, F/H- Fibrosis/Hemorroids. a (Group A) - Photomicrograph showed normal cyto-architectural presentation of the hepatocytes and normal portal triad composed of the hepatic vein, hepatic artery, and bile duct. b (Group B) - Photomicrograph showed severe hemorrhagic cells, congestion of blood in the hepatic vein, widening of sinusoids, and infiltration of inflammatory cells as compared with the control group. c (Group C) - Photomicrograph showed severe hemorrhagic cells and some fibrosis. d (Group D) - Photomicrograph showed mild fibrosis, widening of sinusoids, heavy congestion of central vein, some regenerative changes in hepatocytes and mild distortion of the hepatic artery. e (Group E) - Photomicrograph showed pronounced widening of sinusoids, mild congestion of central vein, mild fibrosis, and more regenerative changes in hepatocytes

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