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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 3 The comparison of mean of total phenol content

From: An in vitro screening potential traditional medicinal plants for nephrolithiasis

Scientific names of plants Total phenol*
(mg GAE/g dried powder)
(Mean ± SD)
Arnebia euchroma 58.11±0.1a
Alcea officinalis (Flower) 52.14±0.02c
Alcea officinalis (Root) 28.08±0.05e
Ferula persica 28.15±0.03e
Gypsophila struthium 53.10±.017b
Petroselinum crispum 39.38±0.06d
  1. *Different superscript letter on means shows significant difference (P<0.05) based on LSD test