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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 1 Dosing protocol of polyherbal combination (PHC) to female swiss albino mice for acute and sub-acute toxicity study

From: An exploratory analysis on the toxicity & safety profile of Polyherbal combination of curcumin, quercetin and rutin

S.No Group name Group detail Dosing schedule
Acute toxicity study
 1 NC Normal Control of acute toxicity study Normal Saline
 2 TG1 Acute toxicity group 1 250 mg/kg/day/p.o
 3 TG2 Acute toxicity group 2 500 mg/kg/day/p.o
 4 TG3 Acute toxicity group 3 1000 mg/kg/day/p.o
 5 TG4 Acute toxicity group 4 2000 mg/kg/day/p.o
Sub-acute toxicity study
 1 NCX Normal Control of sub-acute toxicity study Normal Saline
 2 TX1 Sub-acute toxicity group 1 250 mg/kg/day/p.o
 3 TX2 Sub-acute toxicity group 2 500 mg/kg/day/p.o
 4 TX3 Sub-acute toxicity group 3 1000 mg/kg/day/p.o
 5 TX4 Sub-acute toxicity group 4 2000 mg/kg/day/p.o