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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 7 Effect of ethanol fruit extract of F. benghalensis on the activity of the antioxidant enzyme (Catalase) in goat liver after Acetaminophen administration

From: A pharmacological audit and advancement on the recent trend of research on Ficus benghalensis L. including its in vitro hepatoprotective activity

Groups   Specific Activity
Initial H2O2  
Normal control   1076.56
Acetaminophen Control (7 g/kg)   316.88
Acetaminophen + Silymarin (500 mg/kg)   589.06
Acetaminophen + Extract (100 mg/kg)   320.93
Acetaminophen + Extract (250 mg/kg)   381.88
Acetaminophen + Extract (500 mg/kg)   455
  1. aAll the values of Optical Density (OD) and Specific Activity are in triplicate and taken as the average of three