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Fig. 2

From: Safety assessment of oral administration of ethanol extract of Justicia carnea leaf in healthy wistar rats: hematology, antioxidative and histology studies

Fig. 2

Photomicrographs of kidney sections stained with Haematoxylin and Eosin (Mag. × 400). Control treated group showed normal micromorphological sections. The renal cortex showed normal glomeruli with mesangial cells and capsular spaces appeared normal (white arrow), the renal tubules appear normal (blue arrow) and interstitial spaces also observed normal (black arrow). No observable focal sclerosis of renal glomeruli, capsular spaces around the glomerulus appears normal with distinct layering of renal microcellular structures. 50 mg/kg-1200 mg/kg treatment relative to control treatment showed varied degree of renal injury that is dose dependent. In these groups, from mild to severe order; the renal cortex appears distorted, Renal glomeruli and dillated capsular spaces appeared collapsed with characteristic pyknosis of the mesangial cells, The renal tubules, interstitial spaces, appears distorted with presence of red inflammatory cells, hemorrhagic cells infiltrating the renal interstitial spaces as well as focal sclerosis of renal glomeruli with associated degeration of the glomerular membrane (red arrows)

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