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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 3 Antimicrobial screening test of ethanolic and methanolic extracts of different plants (8 mg/ml, 40 μl/disk) against Vibrio. cholerae

From: In-vitro cytotoxic and anti-Vibrio cholerae activities of alcoholic extracts of Desmodium triflorum (L.) whole plant and Terminalia citrina (Roxb.) fruits

(10 μg/disk)
Plant extracts
(8 mg/ml)
Gentamicin Meropenem METC EETC MEDT EEDT
22.38 ± 0.47 12.44 ± 0.66 13.75 ± 1.65a(**)b(η) 11.25 ± 0.63a(**)b(η) 12.00 ± 0.27a(**)b(η) 11.25 ± 0.63a(**)b(η)
  1. Data represented as mean ± SEM (n = 4)
  2. SEM standard error mean, n number of sample, METC Methanolic extract of Terminalia citrina (Roxb.), EETC Ethanolic extract of Terminalia citrina (Roxb), MEDT Methanolic extract of Desmodium triflorum (L.), EEDT Ethanolic extract of Desmodium triflorum (L.)
  3. **p < 0.01 indicates Dunnett’s multiple comparison test. a = when compared with Gentamicin, b = when compared with Meropenem. (η) indicates statistically no significant difference from Meropenem