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Fig. 2

From: Safety assessment of the standardized aqueous extract from solid-state cultured Xylaria nigripes (Wuling Shen) in rats

Fig. 2

Non-specific histopathological alterations in organs of rats receiving XNE for 90 days. Heart (a, 100x), rectum (d, 100x) and kidney (g, 100x) of the control animals, non-specific lesions of focal mononuclear cell infiltration in the heart (b, 40x and c, 400x; control male rat no. XMC4–1), pinworm infestation in the rectum (e, 100x and f, 400x; control female rat no. XFC4–3), focal tubular infarct in the kidney (h, 40x and i, 400x; high dose XNE-treated female rat no. XFH1–3) and slight inflammation in the prostate (j, 400x, control male rat no. XMC3–1) were found in few control and XNE-treated animals as indicated by arrow. H&E stain

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