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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

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Fig. 2

From: Rhamnus alaternus aqueous extract enhances the capacity of system redox defence and protects hepatocytes against aluminum chloride toxicity in rats

Fig. 2

Reduced glutathione content (a), and SOD (b), CAT(c), and GPx (d) activities in liver of control and experimental groups. Data are expressed as mean ± SEM (n = 6 rats/group). AlCl3, Aluminium Chloride; RAAE, R. alaternus aqueous extract; GSH, reduced glutathione; SOD, superoxide dismutase; CAT, catalase; GPx, glutathione peroxidase. Significant difference compared to the control group (**p<0.01,*p<0.05); Significant difference compared to the AlCl3 treated group (##p<0.01, #p<0.05)

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