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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 1 Yield, total phenolic, flavonoid and tannins contents of RAAE

From: Rhamnus alaternus aqueous extract enhances the capacity of system redox defence and protects hepatocytes against aluminum chloride toxicity in rats

Extract Yields (%) Total phenolics
(µg GE/mg DE)
Total flavonoids
(µg QE/mg DE)
Condensed tannins
(µg CE/mg DE)
RAAE 15.73 ± 0.22 64.11 ± 3.18 12.62 ± 0.85 8.39 ± 0.48
  1. Values are means of three replications ± SEM
  2. RAAE: R. alaternus aqueous extract; GE, gallic acid equivalents; QE, quercetin equivalents; CE, catechin equivalents; DE, dry extract