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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 2 Amino acid profile (g/100 g protein) of plantain, soycake, rice bran and oat bran flour and control sample

From: Plantain based dough meal: nutritional property, antioxidant activity and dyslipidemia ameliorating potential in high-fat induced rats

Amino Acids 100% Plantain PCS PSR PSO PSRO Cerolina *Adult *Children
Non Essential Amino Acids (NEAAs)
 Glycine 3.97d 4.49c 4.48c 4.48c 4.62b 4.88a
 Alanine 3.73f 4.46d 4.48c 4.44e 4.50b 5.14a
 Serine 5.24f 5.51b 5.33e 5.48c 5.45d 5.66a
 Proline 7.45a 5.05d 5.07c 5.09b 5.10b 4.04e
 Aspartic 9.44f 12.40b 12.36c 11.96e 12.07d 14.91a
 Cysteine 1.59a 1.07f 1.16e 1.32c 1.21d 1.35b
 Glutamic 24.32a 17.94d 17.87e 18.28b 18.15c 15.13f
 Tyrosine 2.80e 3.27d 3.41c 3.46a 3.28d 3.44b
 Arginine 5.91f 7.23b 7.18c 7.16d 7.05e 8.18a
 ∑NEAAs 65.13a 62.25c 61.99e 62.22d 62.26c 62.94b
Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)
 Phenylalanine 5.12c 5.10d 5.17b 5.18b 5.22a 4.62e 2.50 6.90
 Histidine 1.93e 2.46b 2.43c 2.40d 2.41d 3.97a 1.00
 Methionine 1.52b 1.26f 1.41d 1.47c 1.37e 1.63a 1.50 2.70
 Valine 4.55e 5.00b 4.97d 4.97d 5.06a 4.99c 2.60 3.80
 Tryptophan 1.22d 1.33b 1.31c 1.37a 1.23e 1.22e 0.40 1.25
 Threonine 3.48f 4.10b 4.07c 4.01d 4.13a 3.66e 1.50 3.70
 Isoleucine 4.19c 4.50b 4.49b 4.49b 4.53a 3.53d 2.00 3.10
 Leucine 7.34d 7.73a 7.72a 7.64c 7.70b 6.61e 3.90 7.30
 Lysine 4.76f 6.05a 6.02b 5.78d 5.85c 5.67e 3.00 6.40
 ∑EAAs 34.87e 37.75c 38.01a 37.78b 37.74c 37.06d
 TAAs 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00   
  1. Key: 100% Plantain flour; PSC: Plantain: Soycake (70:30%); PSR: Plantain: Soycake: Rice bran (65:30:5%); PSO: Plantain: Soycake: Oat bran (65:30:5%); PSRO: Plantain: Soycake: Rice bran: Oat bran (60:30:5:5); Cerolina: a commercial flour meal; NEAAs Non-essential amino acids, EAAs Essential amino acids, TAAs Total amino acids
  2. *RDA of essential amino acids ((mg/100 gb.w)) for Adult and Children (< 5 yrs.) [119, 120]