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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 3 Predicted nutritional qualities of plantain, soycake, rice bran and oat bran flour and control sample

From: Plantain based dough meal: nutritional property, antioxidant activity and dyslipidemia ameliorating potential in high-fat induced rats

Parameters 100% Plantain PCS PSR PSO PSRO Cerolina
HAAs (g/100 g protein) 37.52d 38.76c 39.18b 39.43a 39.19b 36.55e
PCAAs(g/100 g protein) 6.69f 8.51b 8.45c 8.18e 8.26d 9.64a
NCAAs(g/100 g protein) 33.76a 30.33b 30.22d 30.24c 30.22d 30.04f
ArAAs (g/100 g protein) 9.15f 9.69d 9.89b 10.01a 9.74c 9.27e
SCAA (g/100 g protein) 3.10a 2.33e 2.58d 2.79c 2.57d 2.98b
BCAA (g/100 g protein) 16.09d 17.23b 17.18c 17.11c 17.28a 15.13e
TEAA/TNEAA 0.54b 0.61a 0.61a 0.61a 0.61a 0.59a
PER (g/ 100 g) 2.42d 2.68a 2.22e 2.58c 2.67a 2.63b
EAAI (%) 62.84f 67.79d 68.31c 68.38b 76.31a 67.59e
P-BV (%) 54.11f 62.19d 62.76c 62.83b 71.48a 61.98e
NI (%) 11.32d 11.14f 11.29e 13.40c 14.83a 3.85b
ARG/LYS 1.24b 1.20c 1.19c 1.24b 1.20c 1.44a
LAAs Histidine Methionine Methionine Methionine Methionine Methionine
AAAs Methionine Arginine Arginine Arginine Arginine Arginine
  1. Means (±SEM) with different alphabetical superscripts in the same column are significantly different at P < 0.05
  2. Key: 100% Plantain flour; PSC: Plantain: Soycake (70:30%); PSR: Plantain: Soycake: Rice bran (65:30:5%); PSO: Plantain: Soycake: Oat bran (65:30:5%); PSRO: Plantain: Soycake: Rice bran: Oat bran (60:30:5:5); Cerolina: a commercial flour meal. HAAs Hydrophobic amino acids, PCAAs Positively charged amino acids, NCAAs Negatively charged amino acids, ArAAs Aromatic amino acids, SAAs Sulphur containing amino acids, BCAAs Branch chain amino acids, EAAs Essential amino acids, NEAAs Non-essential amino acids, ARG/LYS Arginine/ lysine ratio, PER Protein efficiency ratio, P-BV Predicted biological value, NI Nitrogen index, LAAs Limiting Amino Acids, AAAs Abundant amino acids