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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 5 Phenolic profile (mg/g) of plantain, soycake, rice bran and oat bran dough meal and control samples

From: Plantain based dough meal: nutritional property, antioxidant activity and dyslipidemia ameliorating potential in high-fat induced rats

Phenolic profile 100% Plantain PSC PSR PSO PSRO Cerolina
Catechin 29.54a 0.00b 0.00b 0.00b 0.00b 0.00b
p-coumaric acid nd 0.34e 0.39d 0.46c 0.71a 0.51b
Epicatechin 4.30a nd nd nd nd nd
p-hydroxybenzoic acid 5.92a 0.02b 0.02b 0.02b 0.02b 0.02b
Gallic acid 43.79a 25.33e 26.51d 29.80c 31.26b 22.90f
Caffeic acid 10.74a 2.75d 3.30c 4.61b 4.61b 2.55e
Syringic acid 5.26a 0.02b 0.02b 0.02b 0.01b 0.01b
Ferulic acid 3.40f 5.16d 6.43c 8.41b 12.73a 4.13e
Apigenin 5.90a nd nd nd nd nd
Luteolin 18.39d 16.31f 18.50c 21.91b 23.60a 17.44e
Naringenin 1.32a 0.01b 0.01b 0.01b 0.01b 0.01b
Kaempferol 24.22c 21.51e 23.27d 28.53b 30.64a 19.82f
Naringenin chalcone 1.32a nd nd nd nd nd
Quercetin 23.46e 24.28d 29.64c 32.59b 37.13a 24.03f
Chlorogenic acid nd 42.25c 42.25c 46.88b 59.78a 42.58d
Myricetin 21.23f 28.41e 32.08c 32.55b 38.41a 30.64d
Isorhamnetin 2.10a 0.03c 0.05b 0.03b 0.02b 0.02b
3,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid 1.10f 27.17e 29.64c 35.30b 41.59a 28.89d
4,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid 2.65e 39.96c 42.25c 44.20b 51.28a 37.32d
Rutin 6.51a nd nd nd nd nd
Total 211.18f 233.55d 257.73c 285.33b 331.81a 230.86e
  1. Key: 100% Plantain flour; PSC: Plantain: Soycake (70:30%); PSR: Plantain: Soycake: Rice bran (65:30:5%); PSO: Plantain: Soycake: Oat bran (65:30:5%); PSRO: Plantain: Soycake: Rice bran: Oat bran (60:30:5:5); Cerolina: a commercial flour meal; Nd: Below detectable limit