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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

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Fig. 5

From: Modulatory efficacy of Punica granatum L. powder ethanol extract (PLEE) on lead acetate-induced hepatic and renal toxicity

Fig. 5

Histological photomicrographs of kidney samples from Wistar rats with Lead acetate-induced toxicity and treated with PLEE (Mag., X100). A (Control group): No visible lesions seen; B (Lead only): Tubular sections appear greatly enlarged; C (Lead + PLEE (1): Moderate congestion of the renal cortex; D (Lead + PLEE (2): Mild to moderate congestion at the renal cortex; E (PLEE (1) No visible lesions are seen; F (PLEE (2): No visible lesions are seen

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