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Fig 6.

From: Gastrothylax crumenifer: Ultrastructure and histopathology study of in vitro trematodicidal action of Marattia fraxinea (Sm.)

Fig 6.

Histopathology study of Gastrothylax crumenifer. Histopathology showing (a-d) Negative control showing normal Anterior Sucker 10x (As) (a), Sub Syncytium 10x (Ss) (b), Testes 10x (T) (c) and Vitelline Gland 10x (Vg) (d). e-h Standard control showing mild vacoular degeneration of Anterior sucker (As) 4x (e), Disrupted and detached Sub syncytium (Ss) 10x (f), Degeneration of Testes (Td) 10x (g), Degeneration of Vitelline gland (Vgd) 4x (h). i-l Test Group, 5 mg/ml conc showing Anterior sucker cell vacuolization (As) 20x (i), Detached Surface syncytium (Ss) 10x (j), mild Testicular degeneration (Td) 10x (k), mild degeneration of Vitelline gland 20x (Vgd) (l)

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