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  1. Original contribution

    Pleurotus tuber-regium mushrooms in the diet of rats ameliorates reproductive and testicular injury caused by carbon tetrachloride

    The incidence of male infertility arising from male sexual dysfunction is high especially in the sub saharan Africa. African foods may hold promise to reverse this trend. The aim of this study therefore is to ...

    Kenneth Obinna Okolo, Orish Ebere Orisakwe and Iyeopu Minakiri Siminialayi

    Clinical Phytoscience 2017 3:14

    Published on: 15 July 2017

  2. Review

    The premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual mastodynia, fibrocystic mastopathy and infertility have often common roots: effects of extracts of chasteberry (Vitex agnus castus) as a solution

    The dried fruits of the chaste tree Vitex agnus castus (VAC) were traditionally used by monks as a substitute for pepper and was therefore also called Monk’s pepper. For the last 50 years it is commercially provi...

    Dana Seidlova-Wuttke and Wolfgang Wuttke

    Clinical Phytoscience 2017 3:6

    Published on: 22 March 2017

  3. Original contribution

    Antibacterial, antioxidant and anticancer properties of Turbinaria conoides (J. Agardh) Kuetz

    Cancer causes leading death in the world population due to exposure of various carcinogenic/mutagenic agents, radiation and life style. There are 2.6 million new cases diagnosed each year. Therefore, the objec...

    Arumugama Ponnan, Kavipriya Ramu, Murugan Marudhamuthu, Ramar Marimuthu, Kamalakannan Siva and Murugan Kadarkarai

    Clinical Phytoscience 2017 3:5

    Published on: 13 February 2017

  4. Original contribution

    Gastrothylax crumenifer: Ultrastructure and histopathology study of in vitro trematodicidal action of Marattia fraxinea (Sm.)

    Trematodicidal action of Marattia fraxinea (Sm.) rhizome, extracts against adult Gastrothylax crumenifer and its morphological changes under light and scanning electron microscope was studied in this work. This p...

    Kalpana Devi Rajesh, Vasantha Subramani, Panneerselvam Annamalai, Rajesh Nakulan V., Jeyathilakan Narayanaperumal, Perumal Ponraj and Rajasekar Durai

    Clinical Phytoscience 2017 3:3

    Published on: 17 January 2017

  5. Original contribution

    Carbon tetrachloride induced hepatorenal toxicity in rats: possible protective effects of wild Pleurotus tuber-regium

    The economic cost of and liver and kidney diseases in Sub Saharan Africa remain prohibitive, hence the quest for medicinal foods that can reverse hepato-renal damages. The aim of this study is to investigate t...

    Kenneth Obinna Okolo, Iyeopu Minakiri Siminialayi and Orish Ebere Orisakwe

    Clinical Phytoscience 2017 3:2

    Published on: 5 January 2017

  6. Original contribution

    Evaluation of pharmacological activities of methanol extract of Ixora cuneifolia leaves

    In the current study in vitro antioxidant, thrombolytic and in vivo analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal activities of methanol extract of Ixora cuneifolia leaves (MEIL) were investigated.

    Tamanna Binte Huq, M. Sohanur Rahman, M. Akhlatun Nure, Md Solayman Hossain, Abeer Sarwar, Azharul Islam, Munny Das, Md Emdadul Haque, Tasnia Malik, Md Wali Reza, Bikash Chandra Adhikary, Minhazur Rahman, Taslima Begum and Mst Marium Begum

    Clinical Phytoscience 2016 2:22

    Published on: 26 October 2016

  7. Original contribution

    Vitex agnus-castus dry extract BNO 1095 (Agnucaston®) inhibits uterine hyper-contractions and inflammation in experimental models for primary dysmenorrhea

    For many women, the monthly suffering induced by menstrual “cramps” is severe enough to profoundly disrupt their quality of life. In the case of primary dysmenorrhea, a condition related to premenstrual syndro...

    Johann Röhrl, Oliver Werz, Aldo Ammendola and Gerald Künstle

    Clinical Phytoscience 2016 2:20

    Published on: 5 October 2016

  8. Original contribution

    Effects of Garcinia kola biflavonoid fractions on serum lipid profile and kidney function parameters in hyperlipidemic rats

    Garcinia kola is used in traditional medicine in various parts of Africa including Nigeria for the amelioration of hypertension, cough, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, bacterial and fung...

    Ene B. Adejor, Danladi A. Ameh, Dorcas B. James, Olumuyiwa A. Owolabi and Uche S. Ndidi

    Clinical Phytoscience 2016 2:19

    Published on: 29 September 2016

  9. Original contribution

    Senna alata leaf extract restores insulin sensitivity in high-fat diet-induced obese mice

    Senna alata (S. alata) has numerous pharmacological activities including anti-lipogenic effect in high-fat diet (HFD)-induced obese mice. The present study investigated the effect of S...

    Jarinyaporn Naowaboot and Pritsana Piyabhan

    Clinical Phytoscience 2016 2:18

    Published on: 8 September 2016

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Clinical Phytoscience 2016 2:21

  10. Original contribution

    Antioxidative and neuroprotective effects of Leea macrophylla methanol root extracts on diazepam-induced memory impairment in amnesic Wistar albino rat

    A neurological disorder is becoming one of the major health problems worldwide. Synthetic drugs for neurological disorders often produce unwanted effects while traditional plant- derived drugs offer a unique s...

    Sakia Ferdousy, Md Atiar Rahman, Md Mamun Al-Amin, Jannatul Aklima and J. M. Kamirul Hasan Chowdhury

    Clinical Phytoscience 2016 2:17

    Published on: 16 August 2016

  11. Original contribution

    An invivo study on the hepato-protective effects of Crocus sativus, Ziziphus jujuba and Berberis vulgaris against acute acetaminophen and rifampicin-induced hepatotoxicity

    Drugs are an important cause of liver injury. The use of natural remedies for the treatment of liver diseases has a long history and medicinal plants are still used all over the world for this purpose. For the...

    Maryam Moossavi, Reyhane Hoshyar, Mina Hemmati, Ali Farahi and Hossein Javdani

    Clinical Phytoscience 2016 2:16

    Published on: 15 August 2016

  12. Short communication

    A preliminary evaluation of effects of high doses of Jujube and Saffron on biochemical and hematological parameters in rats

    We investigated effects of high doses of Jujube fruits and Saffron petals on biochemical and hematological biomarkers in rats. During 14 days treatment of herbs, mortality was not observed. No difference repor...

    Banafsheh Safizadeh, Reyhane Hoshyar, Mina Hemmati, Asghar Zarban and Roshanak Ebrahimi

    Clinical Phytoscience 2016 2:15

    Published on: 18 July 2016

  13. Original contribution

    Alcoholic lung injury: pineapple peel extract modulates antioxidant enzymes and attenuates lipid peroxidation in rat models

    The therapeutic potentials of the methanolic extract of pineapple peel against alcohol – induced lung injury in male albino rats was investigated. GC – MS was used in characterizing secondary metabolites of th...

    Ochuko L. Erukainure, John A. Ajiboye, Oluwatoyin Y. Okafor, Emeka E. Okoro, Godfrey Asieba, Bolanle B. Sarumi, Sunday O. Adenekan and Moses Z. Zaruwa

    Clinical Phytoscience 2016 2:14

    Published on: 29 June 2016

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