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Fig. 7

From: Gastrothylax crumenifer: Ultrastructure and histopathology study of in vitro trematodicidal action of Marattia fraxinea (Sm.)

Fig. 7

Scanning Electron Microscopic study of Gastrothylax crumenifer. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEMs) of adult G.crumenifer incubated in H-F salt solution for 1 h. (a-d: Negative Control) (a) Ventral surface showing Anterior sucker (As), Acetabulum (Ac) and Genital pore (Gp). b Ventral surface showing major folds alternate with major grooves. c Folds bearing numerous papillae having long cilia. d Folds bearing numerous papillae having nipple like tips. (e-h: Standard Control) (e) Dorsal surface, showing Anterior sucker (As) at the anterior tip showing flaccid and retracted changes. f Papillae around Anterior sucker (As) showing Blebs. g Erosion due to disrupted blebs on tegument surface. h Ventral surface showing prominent deep furrows between major folds crossed by minor folds and minor grooves. (i-l: Test Group) (i) Anterior sucker (As) showing degenerative changes at 1 mg/ml conc. (j) Severe Blebbing (Bl) on tegumental ventral (5 mg/ml) conc. k Deep furrows and major tegumental folds indicating disrupted papillae on ventral surface (5 mg/ml) conc. l Middle portion of ventral surface shows prominent Deep furrows (Df) between major folds crisscrossed by minor folds and grooves (5 mg/ml)

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