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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

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Fig. 1

From: Agnucastoside C, isolated from Moringa oleifera ameliorates thyrotoxicosis and liver abnormalities in female mice

Fig. 1

Effects of ACC on the alterations in serum concentrations of T3 (ng mL− 1), T4 (ng mL− 1 × 10) and TSH (µIU/ml) in L-thyroxin (L-T4)-induced hyperthyroid mice. Each bar represents the mean ± s.e.m., n = 7. Ctrl, Control; T3, triidothyronine; T4, thyroxine. aP < 0.001 as compared to the respective control values. xP < 0.001, yP < 0.01 and zP < 0.05 as compared to the respective values of L-T4 treated animals

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