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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 4 Effect of combined administration of lisinopril and ethanolic bark extract of E. chlorantha on serum CK and LDH activities

From: Toxicological evaluations of combined administration of ethanolic stem bark extract of Enantia chlorantha and lisinopril in experimental type 2 diabetes

GroupTreatmentCreatine kinase-MBLactate dehydrogenase
activity ((U/L)
NCDistilled water13.57 ± 4.32a0.837 ± 0.82a
DMSTZ-fructose+ distilled water43.64 ± 5.36b1.878 ± 0.13b
T1Extract only20.24 ± 1.89c1.469 ± 0.20b
T2Glucophage only17.74 ± 4.74a1.357 ± 0.50a,b
T3Extract + Lisinopril13.78 ± 3.74a1.135 ± 0.17a,b
T4Glucophage + Lisinopril14.32 ± 0.87a1.075 ± 0.87a,b
T5Lisinopril only16.07 ± 2.37a1.121 ± 0.83a,b
  1. Results are mean ± SD of seven determinations
  2. Values in the same column with similar superscripts (a, b or c) are not significantly (p > 0.05) different from each other