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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 3 Bioactive components identified in fraction 2 of methanol root extract of S. occidentalis by GC-MS

From: Molecular identification of Trypanosoma brucei brucei and in vitro anti-trypanosomal activity of different parts of methanolic extract of Senna occidentalis

S/NOCompoundsRetention timePeak area (%)
1Bicyclo {3.3.1} nonan-2-one33.3581.69
2Tricyclo { (3,8)} undecan-1-amine25.9643.86
38-azabicyclo {3.2.1} octane-3,6-diol29.2271.46
4Cyclohex-3-enyl methyl heptyl ester29.9016.31
52H-pyrrol-2-one 0.88
68-azabicyclo {3.2.1} oct-2-ene31.6461.63
7Glycidyl palmitate31.8593.80
8Fumaric acid31.8462.73
9Cyclo hex-3-enyl methyl hexyl ester33.7195.61
10Cyclo hex-3-enyl methyl propyl ester33.3905.61
12Cyclohexyl methyl ester34.3463.64
13Glutaric acid29.9422.97