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Fig. 6

From: Self-emulsifying formulation of Spinacia oleracea reduces the dose and escalates bioavailability of bioactive compounds to accelerate fracture repair in rats

Fig. 6

In vitro osteogenic and anti-ROS activity of the active compound 3-O-methylpatuletin (K008) in primary osteoblast cells. a-b Representative images of compound K008 treated Alizarin Red-S stained cells and quantification. Relative change in expression of osteogenic genes (c) RUNX2, (d) BMP2, (e) ALP, (f) COL1 in calvarial osteoblasts treated with compound K008 as compared to control by qPCR. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001 compared with vehicle treated control cells. g Compound K008 inhibited ROS generation stimulated by H2O2in osteoblast cells as assessed by DCFDA assay. *** p < 0.001 compared to only untreated cells. ###p < 0.001 compared to H2O2 treated cells

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