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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 2 Pharmacokinetic parameter of K007 and K008 after single oral dose of FDSE (250− 1) in SD rats

From: Self-emulsifying formulation of Spinacia oleracea reduces the dose and escalates bioavailability of bioactive compounds to accelerate fracture repair in rats

Parameters K007 K008
Cmax (ng/mL) 7.6 5.0
tmax (h) 1.4 2
AUClast (ng h/mL) 39.0 23.3
AUC0-∞(ng h/mL) 49.3 35.3
MRT (h) 3.4 3.9
Cl/F (L/h/kg) 12.8 1.4
Vss/F (L/kg) 43.3 5.6
  1. Abbreviations: AUClast = area under the serum concentration-time curve up to last observation, Cmax = peak serum concentration, tmax = time to Cmax, MRT = mean residence time, Vss/F = steady-state volume of distribution, Cl/F = clearance, F = fraction of dose absorbed