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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 1 Animals fasting overnight are treated with the following substances at 10 mL/kg

From: Ascorbic acid interaction with phytol: a modulatory effects on the anti-pyretic activity of paracetamol in Swiss albino mice

Treatment groups Description
Brewer’s yeast subcutaneous injection 15% w/v suspension
Gr-I: VEH (p.o.) 10 mL/kg bw (0.05% Tween 80 dissolved in 0.9% NaCl solution)
Gr-II: PARA (p.o.) 100 mg/kg (dissolved in VEH)
Gr-III: PHY (p.o.) 200 mg/kg (emulsified in VEH)
Gr-IV: AA (p.o.) 125 mg/kg (emulsified in VEH)
Gr-V: PHY + AA (p.o.) Gr-V to Gr-VIII PARA are administered after 15 min of PHY and/or AA administration
Gr-VI: PHY + PARA (p.o.)
Gr-VII: AA + PARA (p.o.)
Gr-VIII: PHY + AA + PARA (p.o.)
  1. AA ascorbic acid, bw body weight, PARA paracetamol, PHY phytol, p.o. per-oral, VEH vehicle