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Fig. 8

From: An exploratory analysis on the toxicity & safety profile of Polyherbal combination of curcumin, quercetin and rutin

Fig. 8

The histopathology of brain from the different group of swiss albino mice (40 × magnification; Scalar bar: 100 μm). No significant damage (ex. neuronal necrosis, neuronophagia, cellular necrosis, intact glial cells) was observed in the brain cells of any treated groups rats. The architecture of brain cells is normal in all experimental groups when compared to normal control group (NCX). Where NCX: Normal control group; TX1: Sub-acute toxicity group 1 (250 mg/kg/day/p.o); TX2: Sub-acute toxicity group 2 (500 mg/kg/day/p.o); TX3: Sub-acute toxicity group 3 (1000 mg/kg/day/p.o); TX4: Sub-acute toxicity group 4 (2000 mg/kg/day/p.o)

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