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International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy

Table 1 Inhibitory/Lethal concentration (IC/LC50 in μg/mL) of extracts and fractions of the roots of Terminalia avicennioides and doxorubicin (positive control) in HepG2 human liver cancer and Vero monkey kidney cell lines

From: Antiproliferative effect of extracts and fractions of the root of Terminalia avicennioides (Combretaceae) Guill and Perr. on HepG2 and Vero cell lines

Cell line  HepG2 Vero
IC50 (µg/mL) LC50 (µg/mL)
Methanol 356.78 801.23
Hot water 706.17 796.60
Cold water 903.11 1068.37
Ethylacetate 1085.16 432.30
Hexane 213.16 441.21
Chloroform 636.34 429.11
Butanol 366.15 345.01
Residual water 265.58 310.04
Doxorubicin (µM) 0.14 5.05