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Fig. 3

From: A preliminary study of the efficacy of the polyherbal preparation Sao Thong Tai for erectile dysfunction among elderly men: a double-blind, randomized controlled trial

Fig. 3

International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) scores in the STT and placebo groups during the treatment and follow-up study periods (12 weeks): a. IIEF-5 scores (mean±SEM); b. Change in IIEF-5 scores (before and after) (percent). The percentage changes from baseline (Day 0) in IIEF domains (b) demonstrated that treatment with STT significantly improved all important domains of sexual function from the second visit (week 4) to the end of treatment (week 8). *p < 0.001 for the % change (mean ± SEM) from baseline (Day 0) to the end-of-treatment (week 8) and follow-up for 4 weeks after treatment (week 12) for STT (the gray column, N = 27) compared with the placebo (the white column, N = 27)

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